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New Paper released

A new paper was submitted by Consortium members at SPIE Photonics West 2021: "Airborne campaign results of a compact 2-4um broadband supercontinuum-based spectrometer system for multi-species atmospheric gas analysis at ppm level"

Abstract: A compact broadband atmospheric gas spectrometer has been developed in the framework of the EU-H2020 FLAIR project. The system is composed of a mid-IR 2-4um broadband supercontinuum source, a temperature controlled 10- meter-long multipass-cell for light-gas interaction, a diffraction grating, and an uncooled PbSe-on-CMOS matrix detector recording absorption spectra. The detection limit has been measured at sub-ppm level on methane under laboratory conditions. We also present 2 successful field measurement campaigns aboard airborne platforms: a hot-air airship for controlled methane release experiments, and a helicopter tracking ship exhaust fumes abroad the coastline of Denmark, with special emphasis on methane detection.

Link to the Paper

#photonics21 #horizin2020 #FLAIR

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